New SARS tax admin penalty regulations

Are you aware of the new SARS tax administration penalty regulations imposed, effective 23 November 2009?
Do you fall into the category of “non-compliance”? Non-compliance includes offences such as failing to register as a tax payer, failing to inform SARS of a change of address, amendments to other personal particulars, failure to submit tax returns and much more.


VAT returns, UIF deductions and payments, SDL payments and Provisional Income Tax payments are just some of the monthly and periodical returns that businesses (and individuals in the case of Income tax) need to make. Although some business owners elect to do all of this administration themselves, the day-to-day running of the business (the real function of the business owner) can be interrupted by these necessary diversions, often resulting in late submissions and penalties.
The advantages of having an independent specialist to take care of these functions are obvious.
Corporate and Personal tax, PAYE, UIF, SDL, CIPRO, COID returns all have submission deadlines.

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ALL (SARS) returns attract penalties and interest if they are submitted late or completed incorrectly. Legislation is also continually changing.  We keep up to date with this by attending ongoing training seminars.  Let us take this worry off your shoulders!
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