Statutory Registration

Do you know that your close corporation could be in the process of being deregistered? Do you know that penalties and interest could be accumulating on your CIPRO account due to non-compliance with the legislative requirement to submit CIPRO annual returns?  Annual returns for entities are primarily regulated by the Companies Act, 61 of 1973 and the Close Corporation Act, 69 of 1984. We act as accounting officers for close corporation.

Statutory(CIPRO/SARS) Registration

The type of business entity that you operate under has a huge influence on your tax liabilities. We recommend that you consider the impact on the various taxes and levies you are liable for when deciding on an entity. It is therefore important to do your homework before deciding whether you want to conduct your business through a sole proprietorship, partnership, close corporations, private company or even a trading trust.
We register Close Corporations, Corporatives Trusts and Companies in the fastest and most professional manner by simply following and completing our easiest downloadblae registration forms. All our applications are handled by qualified personnel and all documentation submitted are tracked.

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Downlodable SARS forms

  • Employers EMP101 e applications for registration
  • Application form for exempt institutions EI1
  • Written undertaking E12
  • -IB-IT77-Application for registration as a taxpayer
  • General power of attorney
  • Tax clearance certificate (application for)
  • VAT-Application form
  • Turnover tax application form