Our Promise

AfricaTransparency provides enterpreneural support through the delivery of compliance assurances and uptodate financial and accounting information for decision making.

About us

AfricaTransparency is a provider of premium outsourced business process solutions, specialising in business planning, assisting our clients to obtain finance,financial and management accounting, bookkeeping, tax and payroll services. Our aim is to assist entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises to grow legendary businesses. Outsourcing of non core business operations to AfricaTransparency is much more than just cutting costs. It is all about increasing the business value of the entrepreneur.  By outsourcing some of the non core business processes, entrepreneurs can use their most valuable asset (time) to focus on increasing the revenue streams of their businesses.

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Strategic Partners

2. TEP


4. GEP

5. IDC

6. Khula Enterprise


8. NEP  

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