Lenders expectations

Did you know that venture capitalists, loan officers, and even angel investors have a very specific way they want and expect a business plan to look? If any part of your plan doesn’t match what they want and are used to, that’s it. They’ll never look again, and they certainly won’t invest.  

Business Plans

Inventor, entrepreneur, franchiser, franchisee, small business owners, all need a clear vision and plan for success. With a comprehensive business plan and finacial projections provided by the corporation, clients can make more informed decisisons. The corporation has employed experienced business plan writers who know exactly how to reasearch and write a strategic business plan for our clients' enterprise. We spend time learning about a new or existing business idea, undertake all necessary maketing and industry research, develop financial projections and then in collaboration with our clients, write their business plan.

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Client Testimonials

"Very Positive and high energy operation. AfricaTransparency gave us objective advice about our business. Also,I must thank Guy Ngosi for being so good about helping me to get my business back on track."..Ndela    top